5 Reasons You Aren't Reaching Your Goals

Through my work with high performing women, I’ve noticed a common problem in achieving their ideal goals and ideal life.  The problem is not lack of drive or motivation.  The problem is not ability or skill.  The problem is not a lack of ideas or creativity. 

On the contrary, high performing women have tons of drive, motivation, ability, skills, ideas, and creativity.  But the problem is the overwhelm and stress they find themselves in due to their high-performance standards. I understand this stress and never-ending drive for perfection, but often getting derailed by distraction.  That’s why I created the Momentum90 Plan, to zero in on only the major projects that matter that will take you directly to your goals.  This cuts out the clutter of those things you think you should be doing, and gives you a laser focus only on the things that do. 

While developing the Momentum90 Plan, I studied high performing individuals and learned the major areas that were lacking in goal production.  Any one of these areas can trip us up, rendering our performance lack luster, chaotic, or less than our best.  As we walk through these, take note of any that resonate with you that have been holding you back.

Reasons You Aren’t Reaching Your Goals:

1)     No written goals.  People who try to wing it with their goals will only go so far.  A certain level of achievement can definitely be reached without clear aim.  However, the most successful people, have a clear vision of where they want to go, and they write it down.  That way, when distractions pop up, as they always do, you can more quickly and easily get back to the momentum tasks that will drive you towards accomplishing your goals.

2)     No Daily, Weekly Action Plans.  Some people write down their goals, but then they fail to make the incremental action plan necessary to get to those goals.  This happens often with new year’s resolutions.  They sound great on January 1, but with no action plan of how to get there, most people get overwhelmed and discouraged, and ultimately quit.

3)     No action taken.  Even the best laid action plan will fall short if you never act!  I am famous for this.  I love strategic brainstorming and planning.  It’s a strength.  But I love to plan ad infinitum.  The plan will look perfect when I am done with it, but I won’t have accomplished anything, because I never put the plan into action.  In my business, I’ve always surrounded myself with people who encourage me to act on the good ideas formed in the strategic planning phase. 

4)     No accountability.  Often this is where most people get tripped up.  High performers can achieve much on their own, and sometimes it feels easier to go it alone.  However, when times get really tough, when goals get uncomfortable, it is imperative to have someone who will hold you accountable and help keep you on track.

5)     Overwhelm.  You’re a high performer, so you have lots of ideas and energy.  But chasing after each idea without completing the projects on the board, just leads to chaos and ultimately burnout.  In the Momentum90 Plan, I teach the best way to deal with these ideas is to create a list of “Great Ideas for the Momentum90 Plan”.  This means you can still do those things, but they will just need to wait for the next quarter to make your project list.  You will achieve less stress and overwhelm with this one easy habit implementation.

So which goal blocker resonates most with you?  Look at everything on your project and goal list.  Which category do you fall into right now?  We will all be in one of these categories at one time or another.  The key is to identify where you are stuck and get the help you need to move through so you can keep on crushing those goals.

If you would like to surround yourself with a group of high performing women to hold you accountable, check out a Momentum Mastermind Group.  We are launching new groups this now!