Momentum Mastermind Groups help high performing women in business create significant, lasting change so they can up level their career & their life.

Momentum Mastermind groups help business professionals and entrepreneurs raise the bar, solve high level problems, and transform their lives. 

We understand how it feels to experience complete overwhelm, wondering if you can get it all done.  We understand that you have big goals, but not enough time to get it all done.  We understand what it's like to have big dreams, but doubt yourself. 

The Momentum Mastermind Group will help you clarify your next steps, focus on what matters most, and achieve your powerful purpose.  Apply for a free discovery call to see if a Momentum Mastermind is a fit for you.

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what is a mastermind group?

Imagine sitting down over coffee with a great friend.  When you leave, you are full of ideas, inspiration, and hope.  Now imagine doing that on a regular basis with other high-level thinkers who challenge you to reach for more.  A mastermind group is your own personal board of directors who will help you problem solve, explore new ideas, and grow. 

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what are the benefits of a mastermind?

  • Brainstorm with high level thinkers

  • Collaborate with people in other industries for out of the box ideas and solutions

  • Talk through fresh perspectives

  • Avoid isolation – it can be lonely at the top

  • Streamline decision making

  • Get accountability and get things done

  • Set strong goals

  • Create solid action plans

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what is the value of a hot seat?

For each session, members bring to the group current challenges, difficult decisions, ideas to brainstorm around.  You bring what’s most important to you during your hot seat focus time, and your team will rally around you with support and ideas. 


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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Jim Rohn


What People Are Saying...

Even the most disciplined person can use accountability. I used to try to do things by myself and that simply does not work. Harness the power of a mastermind group. You won’t be sorry!
— Lynette P, Tulsa, OK

The mastermind meetings really helped me stay on track to achieving the weekly goals I set and over time I was amazed at the progress I had made. I definitely recommend Becky as a strong leader for a mastermind group — worth the time and money!
— Kelly Jezek, Global Applications Transporation COE Leader, DXC Technology

What's my investment?

How much is going it alone costing you?  How many dreams are you leaving undone, unfulfilled due to lack of accountability and focus?  How many times will you give up on your goals because you don't have the support you need?  What would your life look like a year from now if you had the benefit of other high-level mentors coaching you and cheering you on?

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In Person Mastermind

6 monthly installments of $300 each

6 month program meets 2 times per month over lunch hour at 36 Degrees North in Downtown Tulsa, OK

Weekly coaching email check-in & accountability

Private Facebook Group

Click here to sign up for a free discovery call to see if a mastermind group is right for you. 

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Online Mastermind

6 monthly installments of $300 each

6 Month Program Meets 2 times per month via online Zoom call

Weekly coaching email check-in

Private Facebook Group

Click here to sign up for a free discovery call to see if a mastermind group is right for you.

what would it feel like to…

  • Get clarity on what YOU really want?

  • Go get the goals you’ve only dreamed of?

  • Be surrounded by other high-level thinkers who challenge you to do more?

  • Ditch the overwhelm and get support around your goals?

  • Create more income and space to give irrationally to your chosen passion projects?

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs and business professionals who speak your language & understand your unique struggles?

  • Stop feeling isolated in big decisions and get support of women who have walked in your shoes?

Participating in a mastermind group helped me take my career to the next level. I feel more confident and less stressed after every meeting.
— Sara L, Tulsa, OK
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To go fast, go alone.

To go far, go together.

-African Proverb