How Much Money Do Your Friends Make?

Let’s talk about your squad.  More specifically, how much money they make.  Tacky?  Probably.  Insightful?  Absolutely. 

Did you know that people who run in the same circles, tend to earn in the same wage bracket?  Coincidence?  Nope!  Research shows that you rise (or fall) to the level of the group of people who surround you.

Not worried about money?  Who are you?  Just kidding, kind of.  Well how about relationships?  Health?  Impact in the world?  Do any of those catch your attention?  Yeah, me too.

Academics call this phenomenon social contagions or clusters, where ideas, attitudes or behavior patterns are copied or influenced by those around them.   It’s a real thing, like a virus that can be caught.  Want to lose weight?  Surround yourself with people who hold health and fitness as a personal value.  Their habits will most likely rub off on you.

I remember once in youth group, our pastor had half of us stand up on a chair.  She partnered each of us with another person who stood on the ground.  We were instructed to grab each other’s hands.  The person on the chair was instructed to pull the person on the floor up to their level.  At the same time, the person on the floor was instructed to pull the person on the chair to the floor. 

You see where this is going right?  The person on the lower level wins!  Her point is that it’s much easier to be pulled down than to be pulled up.  Thus, who you surround yourself with will dictate your outcomes and is crucial to success in life.

And remember, we’re not just talking about money.  Although, let’s be real.  Who wouldn’t like to make more money?  Because even if you’re not all about the money, you could impact more people with your mission or your cause if you had more money.  Even if more money isn’t your end goal, it can certainly help in creating the life and impact you desire.

If you’re taking a look at the people you hang around the most, you may be asking if you have to give them up.  Not so fast.  I’m not saying you can’t associate with people who don’t have the same goals and desires as you in life. 

But you can intentionally seek out key people to add in, who will help you strive for higher levels.  You can intentionally decide to call the friend who has a positive outlook and will challenge your unhealthy habits instead of calling the person who will just wallow with you, deciding that nothing will ever change.  Because they’re right you know?  Nothing will change if you keep doing the same thing.

Now is the time to try something different in the area you’re stuck.  And you’re in luck because this week I am offering an in-person workshop called “Create a Life You Love – Vision Board Workshop.”  Several high-level thinkers will gather to dream and encourage each other to reach farther. 

If you live near Tulsa, Oklahoma, click here, to learn more. 

If you’re out of the area, promise me, no promise yourself, that you will take one small step to surrounding yourself with people who will challenge and encourage you to reach a little farther.  There’s no telling what you can accomplish with the right people supporting you.  It's time to uplevel your squad.